CORVO Next Generation Autonomous Systems deliver innovative, complete solutions to the most challenging tasks. Launched in 2016, CORVO builds on the heritage of SYPAQ Systems with 25+ years of experience in solving complex engineering problems. Our world class team of autonomous systems specialists enables CORVO to offer leading edge solutions, designed and manufactured in Australia.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Australian Owned

  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia

  • ITAR Free

  • CASA Approved Operator


CORVO specialises in the development of complete autonomous systems. We understand that an autonomous system is about much more than just the platform. We develop solutions that provide high levels of capability while ensuring ease of operation. Our systems are rugged, reliable and dependable, and ensure that the entire workflow is seamless from data capture through processing and delivery to the end user.

CORVO platforms are built tough to operate in the harshest of environments. We have fixed wing, and multirotor solutions to suit both military and commercial applications.

Corvo systems can carry a variety of payloads to suit different operational requirements. We specialise in solutions for real time surveillance and photogrammetry and all of our payload systems are supported by the Corvo Payload Interface at the ground station, ensuring seamless operation from data capture through to processing and delivery. For surveillance roles Corvo systems offer many advanced real time data processing options, including target tracking, moving target indication, image enhancement, image encoding and KLV metadata to form STANAG 4609 compliant video feeds.

The Corvo Common Ground Control Station (GCS) support all the Corvo platforms. The GCS provides command and control functionality as well as payload data visualisation and processing, all in a single compact ruggedised tablet. Corvo specialises in the development of custom GCS solutions to suit specific user needs.


Corvo has been built on the strong foundation of SYPAQ Systems, with over 25 years experience in the Australian defence and aerospace industry. Corvo assists customers across the entire lifecycle of an Autonomous System. We provide advice, engineering services and support, testing, and training services to support the development of bespoke Autonomous Systems alongside our own range of solutions.

Interested in exploring the potential for Autonomous Systems in your business? Looking for some trusted advice? Corvo advisory services can help you. We specialise in working closely with customers to determine the potential use of Autonomous Systems. We can explain the advantages, limitations, regulations and technology maturity that will assist your business in making educated decisions when exploring autonomous solutions.

Corvo solutions can be tailored or built from the ground up to suit your specific requirements. The engineering team behind Corvo is extremely experienced in the development of complete autonomous systems. We are always looking to challenge ourselves and push the boundaries of what autonomous systems can deliver for our clients.

Corvo provides a wide range of support services including operating, maintenance, engineering, supply and training support. SYPAQ has a long history in providing Integrated Logistics Support services to military customers as well as supporting our commercial customers through the full life cycle of their programs.


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