Next Generation Autonomous Systems

From supporting military, law enforcement, border security and emergency services, to food security, asset inspection and search and rescue; the Australian owned, designed and manufactured Corvo range of advanced Uncrewed Aerial Systems, Autonomous Intelligence and Data Processing solutions, provide the knowledge vital to those who need to act. Whenever. Wherever.

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Corvo Drone

100% Australian

World Class UAS From a Name You Can Trust

A truly sovereign capability in Australia, the CORVO family of Next Generation Autonomous systems are conceived, designed, built, and sustained in Australia, by an Australian workforce. A true sovereign capability means more than simply 'made in Australia'.  It means trust, resilience, responsiveness and quality.

Corvo X

Launching in early 2022, the CorvoX is a next generation military-grade surveillance and reconnaissance Small Uncrewed Aerial System (SUAS). Designed from the outset to deliver class leading endurance in extreme weather conditions via a unique and innovative thrust vectored VTOL configuration.

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A unique rapidly assembled & deployable Payload Delivery system like no other. The Corvo Precision Payload Delivery System (PPDS) is a low cost, disposable UAS that is optimised for the covert delivery of small volume payloads.

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A lightweight, low cost and powerful nano category UAS providing compact and versatile platforms for flexible applications. The family includes fixed wing and multirotor platforms that can be customised to carry several payloads. Nano incorporates specialist guidance and control and is currently being used for cooperative swarming operations, making it a truly innovative and proven platform.

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Corvo Drone Prototype

Corvo Family of Autonomous Systems

An Australian developed world-class UAS family

The CORVO family of Autonomous systems feature truly world class capability, developed for Australian user needs, in conjunction with Australian users and experience, servicing a range of systems, from swarming Nano capabilities to heavy lift long endurance systems using a common family of ground control and software systems developed specifically for the end user.

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Advisory, Engineering, Flight Operations, Training and Support

Delivering Capability when it counts

SYPAQ provides a turnkey engineering and advisory service. When paired with our flight operations, training and support, we put our systems to the test, demonstrating the family of systems in the real world and assisting our customers to introduce next generation systems and capabilities.

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Flight Operations, Training and Support

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